The 2010 Draft Park Concept developed by Parks Canada would stretch over 286 square kilometres between the communities of Oliver, Cawston and Osoyoos.

After many years of negotiations with local interest groups, the below map shows the boundaries of that park concept, finalized in 2010. It encompasses a significant amount of ecological diversity, after challenging restraints set down by the local public and landowners. This proposed boundary area is only one third of the original size that Parks Canada originally sought out to protect.

SOS NP Map with towns

In 2015, when the government of B.C. announced a new protected areas framework for the South Okanagan-Similkameen, a significant portion (about two-thirds) of the Parks Canada proposed concept area had been removed from what the province was considering for national park status. The new proposal considers two smaller areas for national park status (Areas 1 and 3 on the map below) and the remaining area for provincial conservancy status. We believe that a national park for the region must include all three of these areas, with additional protections for areas east of Vaseux Lake and important connectivity between Area 2 and Area 3.